Personalized Curriculum

Trainees will have the choice of five areas of study.  Concentration areas were chosen based on the current challenges of integrating robots in the workplace.    After admission to the program, trainees will work with our associate program director to determine which concentration is the best fit.  These courses are in addition to the student’s current major course of study, ideally adding one course each year during years two through four.  The human-centered graduate courses paired with traditional STEM training will provide students with important interdisciplinary perspectives. 




Trainees will complete three courses from their chosen concentration.

Students may choose to take an ethics course as one of the three required courses 


ECON 400 Introduction to Applied Econometrics or ECON 410 Econometrics

ECON 450 Wages and The Labor Market

ECON 621 Markets and Models

LAW 745 Labor relations law

LAW 747 Labor legislation


PA 974 Aging and Public Policy (topics course)

LAW 745 Labor relations law

LAW 747 Labor legislation

PA/AAE 820 Community Economic Analysis

PA 880 Microeconomic Policy Analysis 


MHR 700 Leading People and Organizations 

MHR 706 Leading and working in teams 

MHR 720 Leading change in Organizations 

MHR 715 Strategic Management of Innovation 

MHR 723 Business Strategy 

PSYCH/ISyE 653 Organization and Job Design 


PSYCH/ISyE 349 Introduction to Human Factors 

PSYCH/ISyE 549 Human Factors Engineering  

ISyE 562 Human Factors of Data Science and Machine Learning

ISyE 662 Design and Human Disability and Aging

PSYCH/​COMP SCI  770 Human Computer Interaction


Mix and match any three courses from the above concentrations