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As a member of our Industry Network we anticipate engaging with you in several ways. Our students are seeking real-world experiences at the intersection of robotics/automation and work.


A key component of the INTEGRATE program are Expeditions.  Expeditions are year-long, real-world  industry sponsored projects.  Do you have a current challenge integrating robotics into your workplace?  We would like to help.  A team of 3-4 interdisciplinary graduate students, along with 2-3 faculty mentors will work to find solutions.


There is no substitute for industry work experience.  Let our graduate students put their interdisciplinary training to work for you.  Exposure to a variety of work environments creates a discerning employee.  That exceptional intern might become your next exceptional employee.

What Makes our Graduate Students Exceptional?

The graduate students participating in the INTEGRATE program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison take their training a step further.  INTEGRATE is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the NSF, engaging students from industrial & systems engineering, computer sciences, economics, mechanical engineering and psychology; encouraging them to consider each other’s disciplines when faced with the challenges of integrating robots into the future of work.   INTEGRATE focuses on researching solutions to the real challenges industry is facing while integrating robotics/cobots in the workplace.

Industrial Affiliates Network

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